Meeting Market Requirements

In order to guide the development of new products and verify completion, a clear set of requirements is required. But in the case of complex or system products, especially those with long development cycles and high supply chain content, this can become challenging, potentially creating unexpected costs and delays.

Integrated Requirements

Requirements Management provides powerful capabilities for complex systems engineering planning, development and realization through the creation of a single, multi-discipline requirements hierarchy. Change management workflow assures requirements stay in sync as the system or product evolves over the lifecycle.

Key Features

  • Supports CMMI Level 5 processes for requirements management
  • Provides enhanced requirements capture including files, emails, scanned images and more
  • Enables the organization of requirements by traditional discipline or other groupings
  • Links requirements to specifications, parts, BOMs, test plans and more
  • Provides verification that systems, subsystems and interfaces satisfy requirements
  • Supports validation plans, procedures with reporting, sign-offs and workflow

Requirements Product Brief

Aras® Requirements Management is a next generation requirements management solution embedded in enterprise PLM for systems engineering.


  • Drives achievement of product objectives by integrating requirements from many different disciplines
  • Avoids errors by ensuring cross-functional visibility of evolving requirements
  • Full audit trail supports regulatory compliance


PLM and PDM capabilities are powered by Aras® Applications which are available on either an Open or Subscription basis.

Enabling Application
Open Subscription
Requirements Management

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