Connect Simulation to Mainstream Design

As both product complexity and competition increase, expanded use of simulation opens opportunities for design optimization, compliance, predictive maintenance, closed-loop development, additive manufacturing, and generative design.

To realize this value, manufacturers must connect simulation to mainstream design across the product lifecycle and extend the Digital Thread.

Simulation Challenges

Existing simulation process and data management (SPDM) tools have resulted in simulation siloes, which cannot support simulation across the product lifecycle. Without an effective SPDM capability, teams are unable to efficiently incorporate simulation into existing design processes, much less simulate an asset in service.

Open, Platform-based SPDM

Aras brings SPDM capability into its open PLM platform to connect simulation to the Digital Thread, enabling simulation analysis to be an integral part of developing, manufacturing and supporting complex products.

This approach maximizes simulation’s value in systems engineering, configuration and variant management, verification and validation (V&V), design reuse, compliance and emerging applications in Digital Twin and IoT.

Simulation Benefits

  • Reduce the number of expensive physical prototypes
  • Optimize product designs for market success
  • Incorporate feedback from products in service into the next generation
  • Reduce maintenance costs and avoiding


Aras PLM Platform capabilities are powered by Aras® Applications which are available on either an open-access or subscription basis.

Aras® Comet SPDM 

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