Replace Legacy PLM & Accelerate MultiCAD Performance
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Aras User Spotlight: F.X. MEILLERF.X MEILLER, a global provider of heavy duty trucking systems, replaced their legacy PLM with Aras and gained dramatic performance improvement in multiCAD management.

With performance improvement a key criteria, MEILLER conducted testing to choose the right PLM provider to replace their expensive / difficult to maintain legacy system. Six different real world assembly structures were used in the tests with CAD file sizes between 50 and 450 MB. Aras outperformed legacy PLM systems in every testing scenario, performing from 41-81% faster and excelling on larger assemblies. Learn more about MEILLER performance testing on Aras.

As if that wasn't enough, in moving to Aras, MEILLER's database decreased in size from 32 GB to 7 GB, the amount of memory required by the system reduced from 50 to 20 GB, CPUs went from 14 to 4 and Servers were reduced from 3 to 1 – that's hard dollar savings in any environment. And that's not a reflection of fewer files. During the implementation, 2.8 million records were migrated from the legacy PLM system into Aras, including 350,000 CATIA V5 CAD documents.

By migrating away from their legacy PLM system, MEILLER consolidated its global environment into a single, modern PLM platform.

Read the complete story to learn how you can increase scalability, performance and manageability with Aras.

Read the complete user story to learn more!

Posted Tue, Aug 20 2013 8:16 AM by Brianne


Jens Rollenmüller wrote re: Replace Legacy PLM & Accelerate MultiCAD Performance
on Wed, Aug 21 2013 7:29 AM

Very good Project experience - F.X. Meiller has choosen the best fitting PLM System with the right project team in place.

Best system + best migration and project team in place

=> good improvements on performance, handling and even maintanance dollars.

Sure it wasn't a easy step to migrate the data.