Personalized PLM in Aras Innovator Version 12

Personalized PLM in Aras Innovator Version 12

This blog series will walk you through a few of the new features in the Aras Innovator Version 12 User Experience. Every 6 weeks, our development team is hard at work to release another Service Pack, or update, to Aras Innovator. Upgrade for free to the latest version of the platform, Version 12, when you’re a subscriber, and you’ll get each new feature in version 12, up to the latest release, Service Pack (SP) 8; plus, you’ll be set up to receive all of the updates to come.

Take a look at what Version 12 has to offer in its new user experience, through SP8—starting with the Table of Contents—to personalize your PLM experience.

Newly Redesigned Table of Contents

The updated user experience in Aras Innovator Version 12 starts with the Table of Contents. Its flyout style lets you pin it for easy access, or only access it when you need to for more screen real estate. The choice is yours.

Pinned ItemTypes

Personalize your table of contents by right-clicking the ItemTypes you like to use most and choosing the option to pin them right here on the sidebar. Pin as many ItemTypes as you like, and unpin them to change up your view whenever you need to. Each of these layout decisions only affects your instance of Aras Innovator: so get it set up just the way you want it to improve your productivity in today’s session, and it will persist that way to personalize your workspace every time you log in: 

Quick Access Panel

The new Quick Access Panel available on every Item Type provides you with push-button shortcuts to Create or Search Items. It also stores favorite searches and favorite items that you can quickly access whenever you need them. 

Favorite Items and Searches

It’s easy to favorite items or searches and store them here, in the Quick Access Panel, when you know you'll need to use them often. When you don't need them any more, you can easily unfavorite them again so you don’t clutter up your workspace.

ItemType Shortcuts

Conveniently, the ability to Create and Search items are now also available as shortcuts when you simply right-click any ItemType in the table of contents.

Click-and-drag Tabs

Another fun feature is the means to click and drag open tabs, helping you keep the work you need on top and prioritize your open items to best suit your needs.

Personalized PLM is not just for the table of contents. It’s designed to make you more productive every time you use Aras Innovator. The next video blogs in this series will look at Efficient Search and Flexible Multitasking in Aras Innovator Version 12.