Strategic Partnerships Provide a Competitive Advantage

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Oftentimes, we hear the phrase, “one plus one equals three.”  While we all know the correct mathematical answer is two, when it comes to establishing strategic partnerships, “one plus one” has to feel like the correct answer is “three” or more. 

Software companies are often faced with decisions to develop, acquire, or partner with another software company to add value, and new technical capabilities, to their solutions.  These decisions are challenging as they involve analyzing competitive strategies, time to value, market control points, and many other factors. 

The reality is that in the engineering, manufacturing, and technology worlds we live in, it is extremely difficult for a single company to have it all.  To have the best-in-class solutions, most software solution providers will establish licensing agreements and OEM strategic partnerships to fill key gaps in their solutions, resulting in much stronger solutions than their competitors.

In recent years, when it comes to product development, manufacturing, service, and end-of-life management, the concepts of the “Digital Thread” and “Digital Twin” have become popular because of the value they bring to businesses.  For these concepts to become real, it is required to have a baseline of information that is captured, updated, controlled, and managed throughout the product or asset lifecycle.

The Aras Innovator® platform has been selected by several leading players in the engineering and simulation software market, such as ANSYS and AVEVA. The solutions span the areas of simulation product data management, asset information, and lifecycle management, as well as the engineering Digital Thread.  They provide a comprehensive, best-in-class solution that allows for collaboration among work groups, easy access and reuse of information, version control and approvals audit trails, a single repository of “truth,” and many other capabilities enhancing the value of the partners’ solution, thus making it more competitive and unique.

There are multiple ways in which to `bring the solutions to market.’  Some software vendors choose to deeply integrate the Aras Innovator platform capabilities within their solution, in which case, we have established a mutually beneficial OEM relationship.  Other partners have chosen to create tight integration, workflows, and use cases that make it easier for a customer to implement -- shortening time to value.  In either case, these types of relationships, when complementary and focused on solving real customer problems, represent great value to the customers and the partners involved.

At Aras, we have the best product lifecycle management (PLM) platform in the market. That’s all we do.  We are not distracted by other shiny objects nor confused about our mission.  We want to bring value to our customers as they manage the complex processes related to bringing new, competitive, and quality products to life in the shortest possible time frame and manage their lifecycle with the most accurate data and information possible to reduce waste, reduce costs, improve productivity, improve quality, compliance, competitiveness, and profitability.  Our strategic partners understand this, and that is why we have established these strategic relationships.

For more information, visit our partner page, or watch the demo series recording, How IT Can Use Aras Innovator to Become a Trusted Partner for Dynamic Business Change.