Is Aras Flow still supported / updated?

I'm setting up a demo system and part of the standard demo from Aras includes a section using Aras Flow.

I've installed the Windows 10 app, but can't get it to log in, even when logging in from a browser on the same system works fine. I receive the error "Authentication failed for <user name>". It comes back instantly, as if it didn't even really try. Login fails from the browser take much longer to come back.

The demo mode works. Kinda.

Any thoughts? It appears that the app hasn't been updated in six years, so I wonder if it is still actively supported.

Thank you!


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  • Hi Andrew,
    At the moment Aras Flow is only available on windows devices. To cover Apple and Android devices we've recently started working with Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs. We have a few on our GitHub, Like this sample app, which shows the basics of displaying innovator components in a mobile-friendly UI. We're just finishing up an Aras Flow PWA, which has much of the same functionality as the existing application. It should be released in the near future!