File Encryption

What can we do to add more security to our files, can the files in the Vault be encrypted?

My first take is that one would use a server method on one of the onGet hooks to encode/decode files during the movement from and to the Vault.

Can anybody offer any advice doing this ?

Kind Regards


  • Hi Riaan,

    very very interesting question! I know that some kind of encryption is possible already regarding server config files. 

    For File Vault I don´t know if you can pack encryption on top of the existing file system as I expect the file system to be a core component.

    Not sure if you can solve this one on server side only. Encryption could also be done already on client side. It would be possible to use a own custom file system (own file picker, own files tab), that encrypts the files before upload to Vault. But this was just the result of my own very quick brainstorming. 

    Before you start your own experiments. I assume this topic is highly relevant as Aras is moving more to SaaS, so I assume there should be a standard solution already available or upcoming.

  • 1. Find the file or folder you wish to encrypt.
    2. Right-click the file/folder and click "Properties." Then, click the "Advanced..." button on the General screen.
    3. Check the box "Encrypt Contents to Secure Data" under the Compress or Encrypt attributes section, then click the "OK" button.
    4. Continuing clicking the "OK" button. An encryption warning box will pop up.
    5. Check the "Encrypt the File Only" box to encrypt the individual file, then click "OK" to finish.  tutuapp  routing numbers