Effectivity for Documents instead for Parts?

Hi community,

is anyone of you familiar with the "Effectivity" features? If yes, do you know if we can use it for other ItemTypes than 'Part' and 'BOMs'?

From my opinion "Effectivity" in Product Engineering was one of the most bizarre ideas our Boston friends ever had. It´s a feature that I never understood cause it doesn´t blend into the rest of Innovator. Not into change management, not into standard versioning and definitely not to other application like MPP. I already wrote about this in a previous forum post: https://community.aras.com/f/community/5344/will-effectivity-destroy-product-traceabilty

For me Effectivity looks like a custom solution built for a single target customer that was never indented to incorporated with the rest.

BUT: Maybe this feature is useful for tasks outside BOM control. I think it would work much better for Documents! Case Document can change independent from the product, for example when legal requirement changes or you just have to update some generic information in the document. For this use case, Effectivity for Document suddenly sounds very useful. Maybe also Compliance data could be handled that way, cause here effectivity according to date or other factors is something common.

But for addressing these use cases, Effectivity has to be supported by other ItemTypes. Something, that I never have seen or tested by myself. Has anyone tested something like this and can share experience?

Thanks for any input!