Is it possible to upgrade revision in REST for a manual object

Hello community,

we are trying to update the Version of a manual Objet in REST.

Do you have any method to call ? its seems doc instruction doesn't work so far.

Thank you.

  • Hello,

    It looks the version action available in AML is not yet supported via the REST API. As an alternative, you could write a server method that performs a version and then call that server method instead. If you named this server method VersionThisItem, the REST request would look something like the one below.

    POST {base url}/method.VersionThisItem
        "@odata.type" : "http://{base url}/$metadata#YourItemTypeName",
        "id" : "YOUR_ITEM_ID"

    When calling a server method from the REST API, the body of the request becomes the context item of the server method. You would just need to update the bolded sections to include the name of the ItemType you're using and the ID of the specific item you want to version


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi Chris,

    I was looking through the Release 23 REST API Documentation in attempt to use the 'version' AML action via a REST request. I didn't see any mention of performing such a task in the documentation. I stumbled across this forum post and was wondering if the REST API has this capability nowadays?



  • Chris is no longer in the forum (unfortunately).

    But so far "version" is no official REST API option. Innovator 28 was released this week, but there weren´t any updates regarding REST API (according to release notes). 

  • Thank you Angela, I went with the approach Chris outlined in his original response as a backup plan.



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