Install two instances of Aras V11 in the same machine

Hello All,

I have installed an instance of Aras Innovator V11 SP15 with the following url : http://MachineName/InnovatorServerOne/Client, using create a new database (dbOne) during installation.
what i want to do is adding or installing another instance (InnovatorServerTwo) of Aras V11 SP15 in the same machine using a database (dbTwo) that already exist.

Is there any idea please on how to add this second instance with the following url :http://MachineName/InnovatorServerTwo/Client  ?

  • Hi Mouad,

    If your goal is having two seperate 11sp15 databases, I would recommend just adding an additional <DB-Connection> tag within your innovatorserverconfig.xml file, which can be located in the root of your aras installation. This will allow you to log into both databases from a your "innovatorServerOne" url.

    If you'd like to have two separate instances, you'll have to modify the GUID of the installer process to load an additional instance to your machine. Subscribers have access to the CD image which contains a changeGUID.exe file within the utilities folder. Dragging the installer on top of this executable will change the GUID of its installer, allowing for a parallel download. Just ensure that when you're running through the installer that you're giving everything unique names.


  • Hello AJ Sebastian,

    Thanks for your reply,

    the goal is to have two separate instances, means two different url (InnovatorServerOne, InnovatorServerTwo) and two different Vault directories.

    The first solution that you have proposed allow just to log into both databases using the same url (InnovatorServerOne).

    By the way i have executed the file specifying the full path to the installer using Administrator command prompt : ChangeGUID <path>\InnovatorSetup.msi  but nothing  happens.

    ChangeGUID.exe is it comaptible with windows server 2016 ?

  • The executable should be compatible with windows server 2016. The way I normally achieve this is by dragging the innovatorSetup.msi file on top of the executable(which can be found in the utilities folder). The result looks something like this:

    Once you drag and drop, the executable quickly runs in the background, and upon opening the msi file you'll be prompted for a fresh install. 

  • Thank you so much AJ Sebastian for your help, its works fine with this option 100

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