Import ReqIF into Aras Innovator


I wanted to ask how the import of ReqIF to the Requirement Engineering module works.

In my company we already use a tool to import and treat customer requirement. I digged into the ReqIFz that is exported, and we have everything, but this include specific data (columns) for each project.

I searched but couldn't found any information regarding how Aras work regarding importation of ReqIF. Is there an article somewhere? Do we need to do configuration or customization to make it works?

Best Regards,

Sacha Bertschi

  • I cannot tell exactly for Aras RE. But Aras RE uses the Technical Document Framework (TDF). TDF is also used for MPP and TechDocs and these applications import is possible but sometimes tricky.

    First you have to check, where and how Innovator itself stores the content of your Requirements. I right now cannot tell cause I haven´t installed the application.

    Create a new Requirement Doc with a few Requirements and then check how the content is stored in the database. If you are familiar with SQL, check directly in the database.
    Is your content stored in items properties (like it is done in MPP)? Than you could simply import than with BatchLoader or similar.

    Is your content stored in one big xml file within some "contents" property (like it is done in TechDoc)? Then things get more complicated. TechDocs stores all the content in one "contents" property which contains all the xml content needed for the document print.
    To import these xml content you need to convert you original content to the xml structure required for TechDocs. This one is more or less easy as long as your structure is not too complicated.

    Would be happy to know how RE deals with the data. I don´t use it right now, but want to be prepared for the future :)