Aras TechDocs - how do I add the translations of documents?

Hi community,

does anybody of you use TechDocs in combination with a language pack, so you can build a Technical Document in two languages?

This question may sound silly. But how can I actually import the translated version of a document? In TechDocs I am just able to edit the default language (e.g. English) of a document. The secondary language (e.g. German) is always read-only and a so far didn´t find any way to actually start the translation of my document or to import the translated version.

It´s really strange. TechDocs offers us buttons to change the documents´ language. We can make side-by-side comparison with the language variants. The user guide mentioned a Translation Process. That´s all fine. But there are no hints how to actually start the process of translation itself.

I would be more than happy about any hints! Many thanks!


  • Some update:

    Right now the complete support of translations in TechDocs seems to be promoted feature that doesn´t exits. It´s only in theory possible to do TechDoc translations, it doesn´t work out in reality. 

    To translate the document we have to take the native xml data from the original document. This xml file has to be translated and then imported into TechDocs. That´s the basic concept. And these are the pitfalls:

    - There is no export function for the document (taking the xml content from the SQL database directly is no export function)

    - There is no import function for the translation (using AML Studio or BatchLoader is no import function)

    - Some TechDoc functions show an unexpected dependency on the browser language. 

    - The TechDocs XML format is only partially compatible with common XML editors. For the translation of XML files it is generally recommended to use an editor with syntax check and visualization. Fortunately, there are a lot of powerful XML editors available. But so far I have not been able to find any that is compatible with the TechDoc XML. Therefore, editing is currently only possible with simple text editors. This makes the translation of the XML file very error-prone and hard to do, especially when you have large documents.

    Does anyone work with translation in TechDocs? Would be curious if anyone uses this feature at all. 

  • Hi community,

    Every time I look at the Aras Roadmap right now I have to rub my eyes in disbelief. Along with many of my other topics, this niche topic also made it onto the roadmap!!!

    The roadmap mentions the following topics:

    Platform : Tech Docs Framework

    - Import API (!!!)
    - Multi-language authoring for indiv. Text Document Elements (!!!)
    - XML Transformation on Export

    Seems like Aras finally cares for it´s existing product! (of course they did in the past too, but in the past months it feels some kind of different. There is less marketing and a much more pragmatic focus to improve the product a meaningful way.

    Thumbs up!