How do you import Excel BOM data into Aras Innovator open version?

Hello, I currently use the open, free version of Aras Innovator and am having difficulty figuring out how to store BOM data within the tool. I have seen from other posts that subscribers have access to a direct import functionality and also some kind of batch loader. For the latest free version of ARAS, what are the exact steps to import an excel file containing BOM data into Aras? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello Veyzo,

    You can implement your own logic to import part BOM data from excel. You can read excel file in server side method with the help of either Microsoft interop dll (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.dll) or any 3rd party dll.



  • Hello Veyzo,

    There is a community Project which you can make use for open version, it is excel add-in allows you to import BOM elements straight away,here is the link'

  • When I used Aras for the first time, I learned that Nash is how you make changes to Aras with from the outside. This was done in two steps. The first one to create all the parts and the second one to add parent/child relationships between parts.  I built AML scripts inside Excel with the data and pasted that in Nash. This requires some advance knowledge of Excel (or ask ChatGPT :) ) In Nash, you can paste sequential scripts at once. So what you're building in Excel is one very large script that sequentially creates all the parts. Like this:

    <AML><Item action='add' type='Part''><item_number>1234</item_number>.....</Item></AML> <AML><Item action='add' type='Part''><item_number>1235</item_number>.....</Item></AML><AML><Item action='add' type='Part''><item_number>1236</item_number>.....</Item></AML> ....

    I'm not sure if the <AML> tag is  required. in between all the actions.

    Another option would be to use a scripting language to read the .csv file and build the large AML script. If there's too much data to do it all at once, it can be broken down into batches.

       Thanks for mentioning this option. I will try that the next time I have to do this without a license. Slight smile



  • I just happened to run into the excel file that I created long time ago. I see in there that I created a VBA app to convert the tables of data into XML. Let me know if you need it.