Aras slow performance rendering PDF using PDFtron? "PDFtoXOD"


my users are complaining that Aras is too slow in displaying the PDFs when clicked-on in the aras web application (V12 sp12)

in the chrome browser, I press f12 to observe the traffic occurring when one clicks on the icon that launches a PDF using the PDF viewer in aras - I notice that the chatter back and forth between the local browser and server is "fast", until the point where "PDFtoXOD" is that point, it takes 30+ seconds for anything to happen, then about a 60-90 seconds later the PDF of the engineering drawing is rendered in the Aras PDF viewer...this amount of time is considered unacceptable to the users.

What is interesting is that our CAD Documents also offer a clickable link direct to an existing PDF of the drawing - when I user clicks on that link, Aras immediately downloads the PDF file to the local computer, immediately opens adobe acrobat reader, and with little delay, opens and displays the this situation, the speed is "good" and the user is happy

can anyone explain what the process is of "PDFtoXOD" and how I can possibly "speed it up"...?

thanks alot

  • Hi Barry,

    it´s been a while since I used the PDFtron viewer. In our case the regular "download PDF" option does the job perfectly as we didn´t need Visual Collaboration.

    One reason for not using the inbuild PDFtron viewer was speed. In the past PDFtron viewer was indeed slow. But it´s not unlikely that Aras has improved it or knows solutions to improve it. I never investigated this any further.

    What you can do right know:

    1. Ask Aras! You have a subscription and PDFtron/Visual Collaboration is a feature that many users use. It´s likely that Aras know how to make it faster.
    2. You can google for "PDFtron improve speed". This will show tips from the original engine provider. But I would ask Aras first.

    Good luck! :)