Resolving BOM by Effective Dates - per CM2 Process

I need help from those who have implemented CM2 change process.

I am not trying to implement the entire CM2 process, but just the part where one revises only the items/datasets that need to be revised and not have to go up the entire parental chain and revise everything. This is why I am not using the CM2 package (although this applies that case as well).

From my CM2 training, the structure (Part BOM in Aras) has to set up such that the items and datasets can be revised independently and you make use of the "Effective Date" to get the effective revisions at a certain time. 

In Aras, OOTB, the Item Behavior is "Fixed" upon part release. Which means that the structure behaves as described above where the entire chain of parents has to be revised to be able to see the new revision of the part in the structure. In order to be able to see the new revision without revising the parents, I changed the Item Behavior to "Float" on the Released State. 

Now when I pull an assembly, it shows the latest released (or unreleased) items, as expected. However, I don't see a way of resolving the structure based on the "Effective Date". 

I can filter the items in the search grid by the effective date. However, in a BOM/BOM Structure/Structure Browser/Multi-level BOM Report, it shows the latest and there's no way that I can figure out to resolve the BOM based on the "Effective Date", since there is no date reslolution on the Item dialog.

Will I have to build a custom report to see the effective structure? It would be quite difficult to do in XSLT, if possible at all. 

Btw, I tried using "Date Effectivity. Date Effectivity works with items only and not revisions. You cannot apply date affectivity to different revisions of an item. At least that's what I found.

Thnaks in advance.