ReturnCodes of InnovatorService Scheduler


I'm running a method with the Scheduler. In the logfile C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator\Server\temp\ServiceJobs.log I get an

XYZ_Job: End. ReturnCode: 200

What is the meaning of nr. 200? Please post here a list of possible ReturnCodes and their explanation.

BR Bjoern

  • To my knowlede the return codes are equal to the regular http status codes. Use your favorite search machine to get a list of them.

    ReturnCode 200 simply means "OK", which is the best result you can have.

    Out of interest. Which Aras Version do you use? I have never seen a ServiceJobs.log in the temp folder. In my case the InnovatorService logs are at a different location. So I am curious how you get the file at this location.

    Best regards


  • Thx Angela. In the meantime I already found the meaning of the ReturnCodes.

    We're using Aras Innovator 12SP18 and our developers configured Innovator to use this temp folder. We had issues with permissions etc. and therfore it was changed.

    BR Björn