Collection thread for recent bugs in this forum caused by update - Report your issue here!

Hi community,

some may have noticed that the forum was recently updated.
Due to the update, a lot of people were accidentally marked as abusive accounts. This was fixed, but if you´re still affected -> tell Aras!

Did you notice anything else that needs to be repaired?

E.g. I noticed that the search bar on the top has a corrupted stylesheet (white text on white background). So using the search bar is currently a bit painful. 

This thread is intended to collect these kind of user feedback. Most of the forum features work as intended from my pov.  But if you noticed something not working as usual, either tell Aras or report in this thread and then we send it as collective feedback :). 


  • Hey hey! Aras repaired the search bar stylesheet! It´s either pure coincidence or they really have seen the thread. Thanks mystery admin!

  • Hi Aras,

    I discovered another small glitch. It´s not important, but maybe it helps:

    On the top of the forum overview we have a input field where we can ask questions. The input field will provide a selection of possible solutions when typing in something. If nothing matches our question, we can also click the "Ask" button to open a new forum thread. 

    Right now the Ask button leads to an empty page. In the past it leads to the thread template.

    If we want to create a new thread right now, we have to scroll down to the template manually.


  • Hi Angela,

    I found some issues so I'll post it.

    1.When I scroll down just a little bit will disable the link on right.

    ↓Post which I took the ScreenShot

    2.The link to another Post on old Page not Found.

    Same Post as No.1

    I can access the page by fixing the address.
    Like this

    3.GitHub Code not Showing.
    Before the update, the code would have been directly visible.Wasn't it?

    ↓Post which I took the ScreenShot


  • Hi Ryo!

    Wow! You really did some serious testing, thanks!

    Regarding 1: Agree! The links are disabled in my browser too!

    Regarding 2: I confirm that some of the links to older threads don´t work. Aras used a different forum engine in the past. The affected links lead to the posts in the "old" forum. Maybe they can update them.

    Regarding 3: The Github Gists are not a real bug, it´s more a legal restriction cause of GDPR.
    Privacy requirements have changed, so Aras did remove the direct embedding of the Github gist code.
    As soon as you would have watched the embedded code at the Aras website, Github would collect your data too.
    This is a problem for Aras, because they would have to actively tell you that there is Github in the background tracking you.

    So they choose the "legally approved" variant. Users have to actively click the link by themselves. They decide they want to visit GitHub, not Aras.

    There is a whole industry to sue websites for trivial privacy issues like this one. This is why we cannot have nice things like the indeed useful embedded code....

    I plan to visit an Aras Connect event in the next weeks. I hope I am able to get more information of who is now in charge for the forum.

    Until than, thanks for your report!


  • Hello, same here.

    Besides, I can't create new messages from the computer. I always get a blank screen. I have tried from several different browsers and nothing. Even on different computers too.

    To create a new message, I must do it from my mobile. I create the "test" type message, I save it. And now from the computer if you let me edit it and give you the content.

    Besides, it took me a week and a half without being able to post, it had been detected as spam and it took 8 days to resolve it, a bit painful, really.

    Overall, between ARAS and the forum they have me frustrated!!! ha ha ha.
    Luckily chapGTPT, she is guiding me a little, not much, but it's something.

  • Hi Meupe,

    your described behavior sounds similar to the one I describe above. I get a similar blank screen.

    My solution for new posts currently is, to not use the form at the top of the forum, but to scroll down and use the one at the bottom.

    The P in PLM is for Pain! Imp Smiley

  • Angela, do you know that after 1 year using the forum I had just realized in the morning that there was this option to post.... It's like when a method fails and after 1 hour reviewing code, it's because of the name of a variable...........

    PLM... hehehe