Collection thread for recent bugs in this forum caused by update - Report your issue here!

Hi community,

some may have noticed that the forum was recently updated.
Due to the update, a lot of people were accidentally marked as abusive accounts. This was fixed, but if you´re still affected -> tell Aras!

Did you notice anything else that needs to be repaired?

E.g. I noticed that the search bar on the top has a corrupted stylesheet (white text on white background). So using the search bar is currently a bit painful. 

This thread is intended to collect these kind of user feedback. Most of the forum features work as intended from my pov.  But if you noticed something not working as usual, either tell Aras or report in this thread and then we send it as collective feedback :). 


  • Hey hey! Aras repaired the search bar stylesheet! It´s either pure coincidence or they really have seen the thread. Thanks mystery admin!

  • Hi Aras,

    I discovered another small glitch. It´s not important, but maybe it helps:

    On the top of the forum overview we have a input field where we can ask questions. The input field will provide a selection of possible solutions when typing in something. If nothing matches our question, we can also click the "Ask" button to open a new forum thread. 

    Right now the Ask button leads to an empty page. In the past it leads to the thread template.

    If we want to create a new thread right now, we have to scroll down to the template manually.