Updating from 11.0 SP9 to ????

Hello, in a few days I am going to make my first update of the program. Right, now we have version 11.0 SP9
My idea is to make a small update, to version 11.0 SP10, which has some improvements that I need. And thus learn how to updates work.

A thousand doubts arise in me.

There is the ARAS Update tool. In which several options appear, I assume that the program is the option: Aras Program Manager.
But it gives me some version options that I don't know what they correspond to:

OK, I say, well I go to the ARAS FTP and download the version that I want.

NO!!, I don't know what to download, I have downloaded the image of version 11.0 SP10, 11.0 SP 11,,,,,,,,,,,,,

It tells me that it cannot find the file: package.config

The solution I see is to try to install the zip that I downloaded from FTP as the PDF says:

WTF: in 11.0 SP10......zip is missing Aras Innovator 11.0 SP10 Patch.zip file.

Why is everything so complicated with ARAS????

  • Ok, i discover that in the FTP:

    Those are the options I have to update. I'll look at which one corresponds to 11.0 SP10 based on the dates.

    I thought there would be all the versions to update.

  • Hello. I'm assuming you are not a subscriber. In which case I'm wondering how you got ftp access to Aras. I thought the ftp site is only for subscribers. Would you explain please. 
  • Hello, in the company where I work they were subscribers for the last 3 years. But I started working with them exactly a year ago.
    Yesterday was the last day of subscribers, now I don't know what we are, hehe.

    But I need to update to be able to use the TGV and some new implementations that the new versions have.

  • It´s not complicated, only overwhelming in the beginning.

    Go to the subscriber portal and search for the compatibility matrix. It shows you, what version of an application management fits which Innovator version. If you don´t have access, simply check the installation guide of the application for info.

    Innovator 11SP9 supports Program management 11R1 and 11R2. 

    There are not always patch files for update. Sometimes yes, but not if the feature includes major core changes that require full update. See compatibility matrix. 

    If you want to use TGV, forget Innovator 11. The feature was brand new back then in Innovator 11, so there were still a lot of features missing.

    In general, it´s always a good idea to mirror the FTP locally, to be flexible and to have better overview. Focus on the ZIP packages of the main releases and the various add ons. Also download the Oath certificate fix and the trainings, cause you when you need them urgently, you will of course not find them :D

    Edit: Forgot to mention: The "patch"-zips are often a bit hidden in the installation package. Search for Utilities folder or similiar. These folder contain additional content and patches if available.

  • Thank you very much Angela, always helping.

    Update 11.0R01 is no longer in the "ProgramManagement_Releases" FTP directory, which is where I believe the updates are. I would have to go directly to 11.0R02. Why, what should I update is the PM (Aras Program management)?

    Anyway, my plan was to clone the server, create a virtual machine with it, and do the tests, but nothing, I can't, it gives me a license error when trying to update or enter ARAS. The day I try to update I will have to do it in the afternoon, this way, if I break something, I have the entire afternoon and evening to fix it. hehe.

    Can you confirm for me exactly which module I should update, PM (Aras Program management)? And the others? What are they? I don't see any help from this anywhere.

    Aras Update before making all the changes, check that everything is correct, URLs, version of the installed program, etc. I just don't know how far I can advance in the update without actually performing the update.

    The tip of downloading the contents of the "training" folder is very good!!! :)

    Thank you so much.

  • When I11SP9 support PM 11R01 and 11R02, take 11R02. Always take the highest possible version compatible to your Innovator. Regarding the applications -> newer is better!
    (this rule doesn´t automatically apply to new Innovator versions. Maybe anyone remembers the "oh my stars it´s so slow 12SP3..." ).  Check out the Release notes in the folder to see what has changed in the new version. 

    Using an independent test system for upgrade tests is the absolut correct decision! Your license error is probably trivial. The license is connected to the MAC address. Just get a new license for your testserver from Aras and update the license string in the InnovatorServerConfig.xml in your codetree.

    The FTP basically contains the new Innovator versions and the various add ons. Hardly anyone uses all of them. It depends on your company what you need and want. Check out the various Aras webinars to learn more about the applications and what they do. And of course test them first at your testserver.

    Applications updates typically contain codetree and database changes. The database can be restored quite easily if something fails (of course make a backup of your database before update). The codetree part often just modify/add a few folders. If you take a look at the update package itself, you can exactly tell which codetree elements are updated. 

    I agree that the FTP content can be confusing. We can blame Aras for this. When something is useful, they have a great talent to keep it a secret and never talk about it. Sweat smile

    1. Check Software Vendor:

      • Visit the official website or support portal of the software vendor. Look for information about the latest version and release notes.
    2. Review Documentation:

      • Read the release notes and documentation for the newer version. It often provides information on the update process, new features, and any specific instructions.
    3. Backup Data:

      • Before any update, it's crucial to back up your data to prevent data loss in case anything goes wrong during the update.
    4. Download Latest Version:

      • If a newer version is available, download the installation files from the official source.
    5. Install the Update:

      • Follow the installation instructions provided by the software vendor. This usually involves running the installer and following on-screen prompts.
    6. Migrate Settings/Data (if needed):

      • Depending on the software, you may need to migrate settings or data from the older version to the newer one. Refer to the documentation for guidance.
    7. Test and Verify:

      • After the update, thoroughly test the software to ensure that everything is working as expected.