ARAS Technical documentation

I tried to create technical document using C#, but not able to add Document element.

By using the below code, I am able to create TD Item [Image - 1] but can not add document element like Tital [text], section etc.[Image - 2]

Innovator inn = this.getInnovator();
Item schema_item = inn.newItem("tp_XmlSchema", "get");
schema_item.setAttribute("where", "[tp_XmlSchema].name = 'standard'");
schema_item = schema_item.apply();
if(schema_item.isError()) {
return this;
string schema_id = schema_item.getID();

Item tech_doc = inn.newItem("tp_block", "add");
tech_doc.setProperty("item_number", "TD_002");
tech_doc.setProperty("name", "TD_002");
//tech_doc.setProperty("content", "This is demo Item");

tech_doc.setProperty("xml_schema", schema_id);

return tech_doc.apply();

[Image - 1]


[Image - 2]

please guide.

  • I cannot use TechDoc (no subscription), but according to my knowledge, the content property needs a special xml format to recognize the individual elements.

    Create a TechDoc manually with a few elements and than check the content of the "content" property. This should tell you about the required structure.