Audit the tasks on a completed change order sign-off stage?

Where do I... ->

I can review the completion of the sign-off stages of a change object with the workflow history

Can I (easily?) see/audit what users said they did for any tasks for each sign-off stage (complete/not complete)?

I know I can make tasks required, which means I could infer that any required tasks must have been completed for a sign-off stage to have been completed (which requires me to remember which tasks apply to which sign-off stage for which change object). So let's pretend I have a terrible memory, where do I go to review/audit any particular stage sign-off's tasks?

Appreciate any thoughts.

  • Hi,

    as far as I unterstand you want to check, if users checked the "Complete" checkboxes? Is this correct?

    From my POV the easiest solution would be a SSRS report. You could create a table (PDF/Excel) that shows all activity tasks and if the user completed them. It´s not the most easiest query, cause it involves a lot of tables and sub-tables. And it´s not the most beautiful "in-built" solution. But it would not require much customization, cause you just add a report to the ECO.


  • Hi Angela

    Thanks for your reply - yes, that's it exactly, review if users checked the 'complete' checkboxes as part of the sign-off.

    Self-service reporting, that's fair. I thought I'd see if there was an in-built solution I wasn't aware of before building an SSR.

  • Beware! The Aras reporting world is pretty colorful!

    I was talking about the Microsoft Report Service SSRS (if you have integrated it into your system). It´s the easiest way to build complex queries based on SQL. Only downside is that it doesn´t honor the permission system.

    The inbuilt Self-Service Reporting by Aras would probably also work for the use case. But it´s less easy to use and a obsolete feature that will disappear in the future. 

    If you use a up-to-date Innovator 14, you can maybe use the new Reporting Service based on Query Definitions (if you have it). 

  • Ah! Thank you - saw SSRS and thought you meant SSR :) Yes, I understand it is disappearing after R30.

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