how to hide relationship columns when add/edit

Hi community

In our case, I want to  hide relationship columns when add/edit, because these columns would  send to others to fill by workflow.

I have try following way, but using index to specify hidden columns will cause problems when users manually adjust their column sorting.

parent.findCurrentRelationshipsTab().grid.setColumnVisible(ColumnIndex, false, 150);

Is there a more precise way to hide specified columns?

Another question, after using the above method to hide the columns, after clicking Save, I want the hidden columns to be displayed again. What should I do? Currently, hidden columns will not be displayed after clicking Save.

Thanks very much!

  • Hey there,

    It sounds like you're dealing with some specific requirements regarding hiding relationship columns during add/edit operations in your application. Regarding your first question, instead of using index-based column hiding, have you considered using column names or unique identifiers to specify which columns to hide? This could provide a more precise and reliable way to hide the desired columns without relying on column sorting.
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    As for your second question about displaying the hidden columns again after clicking Save, you might need to implement some logic to reset the visibility of those columns upon completion of the save operation. This could involve listening for the save event and then programmatically showing the hidden columns again. Have you tried implementing such logic yet?

    I hope this helps, and feel free to ask if you need further assistance or clarification on anything!