Data loss issue from relationships

Hello Team

Recently I have observed data loss issue from relationships in Aras 12 SP14 (Build 29362) in OOTB environment. This issue is not reproducible every time but frequently.

Below are the steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Create Part and save it.
  2. Create new CAD Document under Part item.
  3. Open this attached CAD document in new tab.
  4. Edit CAD Document and attach different CAD Document under CAD Structure.
  5. Click on Done button on CAD Document form.
  6. Again, edit same CAD Document and Attached new CAD Document under CAD Structure.
  7. Edit CAD Document name property.
  8. Save CAD Structure.
  9. After saving CAD Structure newly added CAD Document is not visible under CAD Structure.



  • Same issue is reproducing on Aras 12 SP18 version.

  • Hi Suhas,

    Do you use automatic versioning? 

    Do you have the possibility to test this one on a Innovator 14 version (Release 23 or higher?). If the issue doesn´t appear there, this one could be the root cause:  Warning: Versioning and tab pane very buggy in new Innovator versions!!! Are you affected? 

    12SP14 and 12SP18 can have a "lying" context item. You think you edit your latest CAD item, but in reality the previous version overwrites your latest one on save (which can lead to your described kind of data loss). I completely refused to update to any version below Release 23, just because of this issue. 

    To test the issue in your environment, add the "generation" property to the keyed_name. This way you can see, if you work one the correct generation.

  • Did you try to log the activity by turning the logging on? It may give you some clues. 

  • Hello  

    I didn't change anything in OOTB. Just installed Aras Innovator with OOTB database. This issue is reproducing without any customization. I have checked in network tab. In server request browser is sending only parent item (without  newly added item).



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    Hello  ,

    I have checked in network tab. In server request browser is sending only parent item (without  newly added item).



  • Yes, that´s why I ask if you have tried the same scenario with an Innovator version I23 or higher.

    If you use automatic versioning what you describe can happen easily in 12SP14 and 12SP18.

    You have a CAD document with a related item. You modify the item and create a new version. Your Part or CAD document may still link to the previous version (especially if you don´t use float). If you open the previous version, the bug may lead to the effect, that your previous version accidentally looks "editable" - you may think you now work on the latest version of the item, but in reality you don´t. It looks like the latest version, but in DOM there is still the previous version. If you now click save, you overwrite the "latest" version with the old data and loose data.

    It´s hard to describe. My linked thread is very long, the longest one I ever wrote. This should emphasize who serious I was about this topic :).