Idea: Add template test cases to community projects to avoid that everybody having to write their own tests

Hi community,

I had a quick idea, which is not super important, but maybe somebody likes it too.

When updating an Innovator instance you are supposed to write test cases. In general it´s a good idea to document changes made to Innovator. So these kind of documentation is useful not only for update.

There are Aras features of general nature and community projects that are commonly used. Of course not all of them, but I am sure they are a couple. But: Right now each single user would have to write it´s one test cases.

Idea: Why not add "Testcase Templates" to often used community projects or provide some for general functionality, that people just can copy&paste in their own testplan?

These could also act as reference for sufficient description of tests, cause I am absolute sure that most Innovator users out there write absolutely shitty test cases and than complain why they overall update process takes so much time and is so complicated. These users block everyone else in the update queue. But with proper samples and reusable templates, it would make the process a bit easier for everyone.

What do you think about this one?

Best regards!