Will the upcoming Innovator 12 edit concept lead to tons of nonsense revisions?


I think this one is a good topic for a Community discussion.

I have seen the Aras Innovator 12 demo at ACE Europe 2018. One upcoming UX enhancement is a simplified way to edit an Item. I really like the new concept, but I wonder if it will eliminate the ability to overwrite existing generations when using the automatic revision mode.

Let´s assume we have an Item with Versioning Disciple “Automatic”. Typical use cases are Methods, Workflows but maybe also the standard Parts or Documents.
As long as you have locked an Item, the existing Item generation will be overwritten while editing. The current “Lock” helps to prevent that every little change leads to a new Item revision.

But as far as I have understand the demo, “Lock” will be removed in the upcoming Innovator version.
Of course we have the option to choose by our self, if we want to use Automatic or Manuel revision mode. But especially for core ItemTypes, it isn´t wise to change the revision mode.

What does the new edit concept mean for the automatic revision mode? Will we now get tons of nonsense revisions?

I am already looking forward to your opinion! And I hope Aras will correct me if I got things totally wrong.

Best regards!

  • Hi community,

    I have to share my own disbelieve about the current Aras Release notes regarding Innovator 17:


    I wrote the above post two years ago. Innovator 12 wasn´t released yet and I just had seen a short demo. Already at this time I knew that the lock behavior will make trouble as it produces a lot of unwanted revisions. But nobody had listened.

    And now the unthinkable happened! Aras improved it! The release notes of Innovator 17 contains this piece of text which is shocking similar to my above description:


    [...]Previously, setting an item to “Edit” mode also claimed the item. Now, setting an item to “Edit” mode does not claim the item. [...]

    [...]This provides users with greater control over item lock status.[...]

    [...]Especially for automatically versionable items, this capability can be used to prevent the creation of excess automatic versions, preserving the business meaning of versions.[....]

    I can´t believe it! I was right all the time!

    I just write this post to share these two important messages: 

    1. I told you so ! Stuck out tongue closed eyes 
    2. Feast upon my magnificence!!!Grin

    That´s an excellent start. Now I hope Aras will add my many other improvements ideas that I have submitted. It´s unbelievable just my patience suddenly pays off. 



  • Additional remarks: I especially like how they translated my term "nonsense revisions" to "preserving the business meaning of versions." . That´s my favorite part in the release notes!

    And TechDoc image drag'n'drop which finally replaces the shabby community project I once created to improve exactly THAT: https://github.com/AngelaIp/aras-image-uploader-for-tech-docs

    And I like Client certificates. 

    It´s really unbelievable.

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