Mobile App for Innovator just released - AccessPLM

Hello world!


I've just released a mobile app for Innovator that I've been working on for a while. It's called AccessPLM, it's currently only available on iOS but an Android version shouldn't be too far off.


The app can be viewed on the app store, or previewed here:


For the initial release I've chosen to focus on a few core elements, namely Parts, Documents, Problem Reports and the In Basket. The app lets you view Parts (and the associated BOM), Documents and PRs, and edit some standard properties for all of them as well. You can also view and complete any items in your In Basket.


You can also view Files (PDFs and images) that are attached directly to Documents or PRs, or attached to an Item that is related to a Part (for example, it will show you all the files attached to all CAD Document items associated with a particular part).


The final feature I've implemented that's unique to mobile is the ability to take, markup and upload images from your phone all within that app, and attach them to an existing Problem Report, or a new PR you've created with the app.


For administrators - I've added the ability to disallow editing of items in the app, if you decide you only want to have users view data but not be able to edit anything. Users will still be able to lock and unlock items.


I'm really keen to get some feedback and hear what people think - it's not easy to narrow down use cases on a system that's as expansive and flexible as Aras Innovator. If you think the app is useful, or if you wish it did something else, or you have any other comments at all, I'd love to hear from you! Send me a message on here or email me at necton dot labs at outlook dot com




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