Adding Columns to the Impact Matrix

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Aside from adding the relevant lines to the  Express ECO ImpactMatrixGrid, is there something else I need to edit to add the columns? My new column is appearing as undefined.

  • So for anyone wondering how to do this, I decided to write up everything I found that needs to be changed. Hope this helps the community out~

    Adding and Removing Columns from the Aras Impact Matrix

    Ensure that the relevant properties are present on the Change Controlled Item Item Type. This may entail updating all item types that are poly sources to the Change Controlled Item.

    Once, that is done we will be editing two methods -

    Express ECO ImpactMatrixGrid

    Express ECO GetDataSource

    We will start with the Express ECO GetDataSource method.

    The highlighted lines in the code below, which starts at line 128, is the AML that determines which properties are pulled into the tables that are referenced in the Express ECO ImpactMatrixGrid method. We will need to add our properties here.

    We will also need to add our property in one more place, where highlighted, beginning at line 266.

    Now, we can update the Express ECO ImpactMatrixGrid to add our columns. Add a new line to the grid initialization to define the new property as seen below. Per the notes here, I added Changes Pending and Classification. 

    To remove an existing column, remove it from the initialization definition. Some columns drive additional functionality, and as such cannot be commented out such as EDR and Grouping without causing the matrix some issues.

    Next, beginning at line 1655, you will see functions that define the data being pulled into the grid. From here, add a function to setup your properties. Once complete, the new columns and relevant data should be displayed on the Impact Matrix. In the example below are the functions for Part Number and Name along with the added function for the new Changes Pending:

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