Update list from FailedLogin event (system events)

is it possible to update a list from FailedLogin method? I receive "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error and I suppose that is because there is no user logged in.

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  • Yes I agree, recently we are getting more spam again and they disguise quite well. Unfortunately the forum is constantly under attack and the filter cannot block everything. I assume there are 100 spam accounts for each regular user. Todays internet is a lovely place. Disappointed

    You can report the user and the forum post as abusive. I do this sometimes my self. Aras cleans the forum on a more or less regular basis.

    If things get too worse, we can complain about it in the "Community" section (from my experience this one is the section most watched by Aras with the highest change of rapid action regarding any forum related bugs).

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