Is there a lightweight way to display Tree-Grid-Data in Forms?

Hi community,

I am playing around with displaying some data structure as Tree-Grid-View in Forms. The amount of data is very small.

Normally we can display Tree-Grid-View data in relationships or pop-up dialogs. But I don´t want that users have to click around every time they need to see the data. It´s data that´s useful for daily work, so it would be super useful when it´s directly accessible within the Form.

I discovered that it is possible to display Tree-Grid-Views in Forms. But from my POV the regular TGV layout is a little bit too heavy for my use case. I only want to display a small amount of data (only one data column, not much levels). Basically I just need the TGV data, no toolbar, no headers, no actions. Just a simple view to the data.

Does anyone now a more lightweight rendering variants for TGVs?

Thanks for any input!


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