What´s the best way to organize very large Javascript Methods?

Hi community,

does anyone has some practical tips to not get lost in very large Javascript Methods? I right now work on a pretty UI heavy project that will probably contain a few thousands lines of code within one client Method. Within the standard Method editor it´s hard to have an overview of the complete code. I wonder what´s the best way to address this scenario?

My current ideas are:

- Use a JS Method as API that contains the functions. This is a variant Aras itself uses. But the individual Methods still will be very large.
- Use something else then the regular Method editor for developing (I don´t know what I can use)
- Don´t use classical Methods, but scripts in the codetree (not my preferred variant due to maintenance)

How would you organize very large Methods? Would be happy about anyone who can share some experience!!!

Thanks again!