Manufacturing Process Planning - Add item at same level as Operation?

In our MPP instance, I want to add a new ItemType at the same level as Operation in the 'View Process Plan' tree.  Is that possible?  Will it require a ton of customization to client-side code in the solution directory under "Innovator\client\Solutions".

I did a quick search and didn't see anything like that.  Any thoughts or examples would be appreciated.

  • I once did a customization to add Consumed Parts to Steps instead of Operations and had to modify a couple of codetree files in the mentioned folders. Weren´t too many, around 5-10.

    Codetree modifications are something I struggle to share within the forum, cause it is knowledge that requires a lot of work to acquire. I once made the funny experience where one official partner (not the smallest) tried to sell me my own solution. So don´t feed the magpies. ;-)

    I think Aras support can give you some guidance here. Give them some time, it´s not the most easy question :) . You are already on the right track.

  • Yes, you are quite right about code tree modifications.  I can understand the anxiety about sharing code because as you said, someone may try to sell it back to you :).  

    I'm inching toward the finish line but feel it's going way too slowly.  I do have a ticket into support so hopefully they can provide some guidance on where to go from here.

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