Dynamic Dropdown Error


I am using example in https://community.aras.com/b/english/posts/tech-tip-dynamically-change-type-ahead-english/ for dynamically populating values for a dropdown at OnFocus event. 

The form works fine as far as a value is selected from the dropdown.  But if no value is selected in the dropdown and the dropdown loses focus, an error appears that 'Value entered does not exist for (so-n-so). Edit again?'

Can anyone please advise what am I missing here?


  • Hi Vikas,

    it´s maybe an Innovator 14 thing. In my Innovator 12 when I select the "empty" value and change focus, nothing happens. The error message only appears when I intentionally enter a wrong input.

    As you use Innovator 14 you probably have a subscription. I would ask Aras for a I14 version of the sample!

    Let me know when there is a solution! Would be interested in this one too!