Refreshing of Main Search Grid after creating a new revision


Is there a way to refresh the Main Search Grid after creating a new revision of an Item?

I have an action 'Create New Revision' which has a method On Complete which refreshes the Item. For that case I'm using 'parent.onRefresh()'. The method works properly when the Item is opened and the user clicks on the Action. But it fails when the Action is triggered from the Main Search Grid.

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  • Ahh the runSearch trick. Smiley I somehow like the fact that partners sometimes use my most shady workarounds for premium customer projects.  Smile

    You´re invited to test out this one and let me know the result.

    if (window.isItemsGrid) {
    window.updateRow(aras.getItemById(options.itemTypeName, itemID, 0));

    I haven´t tested this one yet case I didn´t had a proper use case yet.