Selfservice report error


I am getting the following error on selfservice report any idea how i can resolve this?

Thank you

  • I guess the error is related to https settings or invalid https certificate. If you use https, check the configuration file for SelfServiceReport in codetree.

    If you don´t use https, also check the config file. The file contains a url which has to be correct.

    In general: SelfServiceRepoting is a deprecated feature that will sooner or later be removed from Innovator (to my knowledge). In R28 there a new Reporting option was introduced based on QueryDefinitions.

  • Hi Angela,   thank you for the feedback.  Indeed, the Support Matrix shows R28 as a new reporting module.  I want to get the R27 environment deployed before looking into R28 and how that will affect current reports.  "SelfServiceReporting" works in our R21 environment, (we use https), and the URLs are correct.        

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