Comparing two large BOMs in Innovator is pain. I want a better compare tool that is not the Structure Browser !!!

Hi community,

I like Innovator, but there is one feature that I miss since years. A proper compare tool!! Comparing is an ESSENTIAL daily task when working BOMs (or similar) data. Innovator offers a couple of options (red line mode, structure browser), but they only are of little help.

Obstacles when using the current structure browser:

1. It compares everything, even ItemTypes you don´t need (OOTB behavior, this one is customizable)
2. It cannot compare quantities
3. It cannot show you "just the difference" between two BOMs
4. It cannot compare EBOM to MBOM (this one is harder so solve and MPP offers us alternative views so I see it as 'nice-to-have' feature)

The following image shows my real-life experience with a large BOM. Notice that I already customized the structure browser, like using custom Part renderings to include the name. But as you can see, the tool is still pretty much useless. 

Does anyone know a better compare options? I see multiple solutions:

1. Use something custom for comparing BOMs
2. Improve the existing tool
3. Aras provides something completely new. The sad truth is: Aras already HAS (!) a better compare tool. But it´s only available for a few large accounts. Even when I was a regular subscriber, the tool was completely out of reach.

Does any one has another idea or already uses a better compare tool?

My 2022th goal was to get a bug fix for this one: This issue should be solved with Innovator 23.
Due to this post I discovered a new innovative way to bring ideas to the roadmap. With perseverance and tenacity! So this is my new big project: I want a better compare tool in Innovator in 2023 (or earlier)!

Any help to get a better compare option is highly appreciated!!! 

Best regards!


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