Thumbnail in TOC.

Hello, i seen in the PART that we can use a tumbnail and see it in the TOC. I try to do the same for other option in the TOC, but it dont work.

I've looked everywhere, but I don't see any option or configuration or code to make that field visible in the TOC

Any idea!!.

Too many thanks.

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  • Good morning Angela, too many thanks. yes, sorry, in the sidebar.

    I see the IntemType "PART" that have this "thumbnail" and i make the same in the ItmType "AIT Production Order'.With the same name/properties:

    ItemType "PART", it works fine.

    ItemType "PART" properties. It works fine.

    ItemType "AIT Production Order", i make the same, with the same properties. it dont wworks.

    Only, the difference is that this "thumbnail is a foreing from the order Itemtype. But it works fine the "Views", but not in the sidebar.

    Question 2:

    By making the "thumbnail" field Foreign in the /ItemType table, I have lost all the links from the original table. In the source: "PART".

    Why?. In this table/ItemType I have not touched it, or modified anything?.


    Too many thanks!!!!

  • Not sure if "thumbnail" can be used as foreign property in the properties pane sidebar. At least in OOTB Innovator.

    Foreign thumbnails works in Forms, cause the Form is designed to work with foreign properties. The sidebar is build differently. It made by a codetree function that collects the data to be shown in the sidebar. 

    See ...\Client\javascript\ui_methodsEx.js . Search for "thumbnail" to find the function. The function contains code to handle item and date properties, but nothing to handle foreign. But you maybe can add this case your own. 
    ui_methodEx.js contains a few other function that deal with foreign properties. Maybe you can reuse them.

    Strange behavior that you lost your original Part links when using the values in a foreign properties. Hope you use a test database. I don´t know this behavior and haven´t tested it. But it´s maybe a glitch. Image handling in Innovator is in general a bit glitched out and there are some image related operations that produce strange results. You always end up using a workaround.