changing permissions for existing Items (Documents)

We've a classification of Documents that we've setup to have a special set of permissions. We used the solution presented in the following topic to achieve that:
SUPPORT Q&A - Permission based on Class Structure

However, before we made this adjustment for the classification of documents, some documents we're already created. These documents still have the generic permissions set. Is there a way to change the permissions of these existing documents in such a way that they have the same permissions as any new document created under that classification?

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  • Thanks for your reply.

    I tried this in one of our test environments. There is the option called "Reset Item Access". When I use this however, the permissions do not seem to change. I also do not get any message or confirmation of anything happening.

    Any idea if I do something wrong or why this would not have the expected result?

  • To be honest, I normally don´t use this function very often. There are a couple of them in the "Admin" menu. Not sure if I recommend the correct one (I use language pack)

    When I have to reset permission for multiple items, I most of the time do this directly inside the SQL database. But I don´t recommend this one if you are not familiar with the database.

    Each item has the property "permission_id" that stores the linked permission. But you have to check if maybe relationships reuse this permission. 

    So better check if first if you can use some of the Admin Method.