Conversion Server throws daily HTTPS error message in logs. What do I miss?

Hi community,

I did some maintenance checks and discovered that my Innovator\Server\temp folder contains log files with an error message that occurs once a day:

The bug looks like this:

Is anyone familiar with this bug and knows how to solve it? Error message looks like this:

Exception message: An error occurred while making the HTTP request to This could be due to the fact that the server certificate is not configured properly with HTTP.SYS in the HTTPS case. This could also be caused by a mismatch of the security binding between the client and the server.

I configured various config files to support SSL/HTTPS and I expected to have done everything correct. In Innovator itself Conversation Server item is configured correctly.
Most important: Innovator AND the Conversion Server itself works. Tasks are executed!

The log file shows the SQL query it tries to execute. I looks for the id of ConversionTask that are "In Progress" and where the "OnConvert" event is either "NotStarted" or in "In Progress". What does Innovator try to do here? Is it a check for tasks that run into timeout? 

In folder AgentService/Extras I found a tool called agent_service_make_cert.batThis one seems to be used to create HTTPS certificates for agent service. I never used this one, but I assume it´s there for a reason. Unfortunately there are no references in the user manuals and I cannot ask support.

I am right now a bit lost where to start to look for the root cause.

- Have you seen the error message too and how did you solve it?
- Any idea which HTTPS setting I miss?
- What is "agent_service_make_cert.bat"? Do I need it? And how do I use it?
- Which port do you use for the AgentService when using HTTPS? 8735 or 8734?

Any help highly appreciated!!!

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  • I asked ChatGPT what I shall do and it said that I should use a binding for port 8735. Well, the solution worked and I don´t get the error in the log anymore. But Chat GPT failed to provide any valid source for the information so my trust level is about average.


    While your application is using a binding on port 443 for the SSL certificate, this binding is only relevant for the communication between the client and the server hosting your application. It doesn't automatically extend to any external services your application may be using, such as the WCF service running on port 8735.

    To communicate with the WCF service on port 8735, you will need to configure a binding that's compatible with the service's endpoint configuration.

    Regarding difference between 8734 and 8735 I got following explanation:

    The main difference between port 8734 and port 8735 is the protocol used for secure communication. While port 8734 uses HTTPS with the WS-HTTP binding, port 8735 uses HTTPS with the WS-HTTPS binding. The WS-HTTPS binding is similar to the WS-HTTP binding, but it uses HTTPS with message-level security instead of transport-level security.

    When I asked for any prove of the information I got three wrong/not working links in combination with this absolutely trustworthy argument:

    " answer was based on my general knowledge and experience with these technologies.

    What do you think? Does this makes sense to you or does ChatGPT lie to me? Do you know any other solution?

    One remaining question is, what Innovator tries to do when running SQL code that checks for "in Progress" Conversion tasks once a day?