Automatic Parent-relationship in Child item set, when Child-relationship set from Parent item


I have created a Document-to-Document relationship for the Document itemtype with the goal of relating child documents to the parent - simple enough. However, now I want to design a system such that it behaves as below:

  1. I open the Parent document, navigate to the its Document-to-Document relationship
  2. create a relationship to another document and indicate it as Child
  3. Now, if I navigate to the Child document, in its Document-to-Document relationship, the Parent Doc is automatically listed as a related Document, and automatically indicated as Parent (because in step 2, the Child document was set to 'Child')

I am not sure how to go about setting the relationship in the Child/Parent item to update automatically "off-screen" when the initial Parent/Child is set. I plan to start by look into the CAD-Part relationship which behaves similarly to what I envision, but not sure which method I should be looking at. 

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