StartItem retrieving

Can the Startiem bring up the main grid of that item type and filter on the item id instead of loading the form of that item id.


  • Hi,

    So far I haven´t seen a variant for this kind of start view.

    Some code used for the StartItem can be found here: ...\Client\Modules\aras.innovator.core.MainWindow\deepLinking.js   and setup.js.
    Not sure if these functions already contains the necessary code for your use case.

    If there isn´t a mode for another start view yet, you could maybe try to build your own! StartItem mainly calls Method runStartPage/selectStartPage.

    Let me know I you were able to find a solution! 

    Best regards!


  • I think that's a little to advanced for me. I currently have my "Starting Page" set to "Parts" and this is what my URL looks like: "http://[ServerName]/[WebAlias/default.aspx?StartItem=Parts:B7E546C7079644C0BDA2BCCDAA7C9859"View=Grid

    When executed, it will open the Partid, but in a FORM and it does not filter the on grid by ID.

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