Loading files using BeforeAMLPackagesImport script

Hello All,

I am loading some custom help pages as items in Innovator as part of an AML package. These items have pictures attached to them so I know I need to load the pictures separately through a BeforeAMLPackagesImport script (or just before the help items on the import.manifest file?)

I need these items (and the files that the items rely on) to load with a new build. The question is, how would I script to load those files into the database?

  • Hi Kim,

    are your pictures located in the Vault or codetree?

    In the past is was possible to upload files within the regular AML call. But I am not sure if this is still possible with the current batch loader. Reasons were general browser security updates. I don´t use the original Aras BatchLoader so I cannot tell how the situation is right now. (I use a self-design BatchLoader, it can upload files but uses a workaround...)

    In general: For help pages and other static objects I would always recommend to store the images in the codetree instead of the vault. 

    Vaulted pictures for static objects like pages or icons only make trouble. They decrease performance and you always have to ensure your Vault(s) contains the images in case you duplicate the database for testing purposes. A vaulted TOC icon will literally crash your complete Innovator if the reference is missing.

    So if I understand your use case correct, I would personally make a codetree patch that stores the images in the customer folder or similar. For codetree images it doesn´t make a difference if user apply the patch before or after AML import. Missing references just will lead to a placeholder image.

    Only exception would be security - if your help page images are confidential and require special user permission.

  • Hi Kim,

    out of interest - which solution did you finally use for this one?

  • I used a script which I used previously to load document templates, and stripped it out to only include the file component, and opted to use that. Still running into build errors but the method itself should be sound... need to reinvestigate.