Preventing an AML package from loading with new build


I am using an automated process for loading new builds. I am attempting to disable a component via its package definition - my first thought was to disable the package in the file. I commented out the package and the build was able to load successfully, but the component (and all of its associated itemtypes, TOC presence, etc) were still present. 

As far as I can tell, I need to do more than just comment out the packages in the file... or do I?

  • When the folder is referenced in, the importer will try to import all the content in referenced folder. You can comment out individual folders. But if you just want to exclude certain sub-components, you have to remove the script itself from the folder.

    Do you have depended packages? In this case, commenting out certain packages might not be enough to eliminate them from the process.

  • Hi Angela,

    Specifically, I have a massive file and I have located the components to be removed: (Process Engine) and (Variant Management), which are contained in packages PRC and variant_management_sample. a quick ctrl-F indicates that there are 2 extension packages for each component that relies on them (a PRC_SM and VM_SA folder, that depends on PRC and variant_management_sample) respectively. I have commented out PRC, variant_management_sample, PRC_SM and VM_SA, and removed PRC and variant_management_sample from the aml packages folder.

    At this point, the build is still loading with those components