Javascript Temporary Permissions

Good day all.  I'm still using v11 SP10.  How do I grant temporary permission for a user through Javascript?  I want to add a Comments tab to our custom change ItemType.  I have a script attached to an Action to open a dialog box so a user can add a comment.  The Submit button runs another script to pull the comments field information and sends it back to the original script.  The original script then creates a Comments relationship entry for the change.  I have this working except when the change is in the In Review Life Cycle state for normal user, it works for admins.  I want to temporarily grant Aras PLM identity to the user so it can be added.  I don't want to allow users to be able to edit anything else in the change while it is In Review.  

Method:  DEMO_Notes_Form

// Aras Labs Project
// Eli Donahue - 10/5/16
// Call a custom form in a modal dialog
// Perform some action based on the values returned from dialog

// Aras Labs Project
// Eli Donahue - 10/5/16
// Call a custom form in a modal dialog
// Perform some action based on the values returned from dialog

var inn = new Innovator();

// var thisItem = document.getThis

var topWnd = aras.getMostTopWindowWithAras(window);
    topWnd = topWnd.main || topWnd;

// get form
var formName = "DEMO_Change_Notes";
var fetchForm = this.getInnovator().newItem("Form","get");
    fetchForm = fetchForm.apply("get"); 

// check form for error
if (fetchForm.isError())
    return alert("Can't find a form called " + formName);

// get form params
var params = 
    title: 'Change Notes', 
    formId: fetchForm.getID(),       // put your form's id here
    aras: aras,
    dialogWidth: 600,                // set width int
    dialogHeight: 400,               // set height int
    content: 'ShowFormAsADialog.html'

var parentItem = parent.thisItem;
var value = parentItem.getProperty("id","");
var userID = aras.getCurrentUserID();

var callback2 = function(res) 
    var innovator = new Innovator();
    var partItem = innovator.newItem("sm_DEMO_NDR_Notes","add");
        partItem.setProperty("source_id", value);
        partItem.setProperty("comments", res.param1);
    var resultItem = partItem.apply();
// call form in dialog"iframe", params).promise.then(callback2);

return null;


// Aras Labs Project
// Eli Donahue - 10/5/16
// onClick field event for Submit button
// Returns the form field values to the method that called the current dialog

// get param1 field
var wrapper1 = getFieldByName("comments");
var p1 = wrapper1.getElementsByTagName("textarea")[0];

// confirm fields were correctly retrieved
if (!p1)
	alert("Can't find field param1");

// return entered values
var retVal = {};
    retVal["param1"] = p1.value;
    retVal["param2"] = sourceID;
    // retVal["searchResult"] = p3.value;

parent.returnValue = retVal; 

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