Aras Loading Page Backround

testing Aras 12.09 and want to modify the backround Icons as mentioned in this post:  CUI background Page Customization

but I can't find the CUI element for backround. Is this post valid for ver 12.09?

  • Well, Nithin said Innovator 12. He never said 12SP9. 

    Configurable grid was introduced in 12SP18. (But avoid this version, go at least Innovator 23 / Open Release 2023).

    Version prior to SP18 use com.aras.innovator.cui_default.toc to build the main page. so basically they copy&paste the regular TOC entries. 12SP18 introduced the independent CUI Section for the background tiles.

    From my experience, the configurable grid is useful, but no showstopper if missing. 

    Only admins get the messy main page with all tiles (we are not the people who have to like it). For regular users, far less tiles appear. so I never got complains regarding this one. Just remove "TOC Access" of ItemTypes the user groups don´t need. It´s not a perfect result, but it´s accepted.

    Edit: And some tiles are still better than the "it´s all just WHITE" background users get before 12S9. This one was really confusing and I had several calls where people ask why their Innovator don´t work at all :). It even was some kind of running gag at ACE 2019. ("Don´t be confused that you don´t see anything at the start in the new version....we (=Aras) know....we really know...").  Good old times.