How to enforce update of CUI elements in GUI via code?

Hi community,

does anyone know a function or Method to force Innovator to re-render the CUI elements? 

Whenever I create a test-database, I execute a script that changes a few things (especially when the test database is a copy of the main database). 

E.g. I change the top-left logo to something that strongly indicates that we are in a test database or add some SavedSearches/Favorites to easy track which elements were changed since the test database was created. So basically the script does a lot of CUI changes to optimize the database for testing and cuts a few connections the original database normally would have to the outside world.

After I have executed my script, I have to restart Innovator to see the UI changes. I am aware that´s a trivial and extravagant requirement - but it is somehow possible to automate this step?

Innovator itself re-renders the TOC when an additional item is added. If we modify CUI elements, at least admins normally see the changes instantly. So there have to be some function that triggers these updates. But I haven´t found them yet. Does anyone know more?

Used version is Innovator 12, but I also take a I14+ solution.  :D

Thanks and best regards!