Bug Report - CAD Document Comparison Rotation

Hi there,

I've encountered a bug in Aras version 23. This was previously reported by my organization in version 12SP9 and was confirmed fixed, but appears to have been re-introduced.

In brief:

  • Create a CAD Document - ensuring versioning is enabled
  • Add a viewable PDF - save
  • Edit the CAD Document - change the viewable PDF - save
  • Go into the PDF view and user the comparison function

Both images get rotated 90 degrees clockwise and the bottom of the PDF gets chopped off.

Has this been re-addressed in a later version of Aras?

Thank you,

Phil MacIntyre


  • Hi Phil,

    this question is hard to answer. I don´t have a subscription, maybe another forum member can help?

    I don´t have every detail of the last twenty release notes in my head. But I cannot remember to have seen something regarding "rotation". But there are some fixes that might be related to PDF viewing and TechDocs.

    Maybe it´s a trivial issue. If you upload the PDFs in wrong rotation, does Aras reuse this one, or does it rotate by itself again?

    Was the issue fixed in your 12SP9? Was is fixed by the version itself or does your company use a custom patch that was implementing while upgrading to this version? If you use a patch, you could check if you find the Aras ticket number and look-up the used patch with that number. As you have reported the issue, you should somewhere have an IR / SI number. Aras uses them inside their patches. I assume this one is a codetree issue. In best case CSS, in second best case PDF engine. 

    Best regards!


  • Hi Angela,

    Both images are correctly oriented when viewed separately, but get rotated and clipped just in the comparison mode. So it definitely appears to be something that Aras is doing.

    I wasn't present for the original issue, so playing some catch-up with colleagues who were. It sounds like it was a patch fix for 12SP9, both a code tree and manifest update. It seems like a totally valid bug though, so I don't know why Aras wouldn't have integrated the fix into their general releases.

    Thanks for your suggestions Slight smile