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I need to find all of the part numbers that have been on a CN that had the part disposition of either "Scrap" or "Repair".

I can find the CN numbers but it doesn't list the affected part part numbers.  How do I get the affected part numbers added to this AML script?


  • This seems to be a custom change process, so we don´t know your currently used structure. But right now you only get the relationship that links to the Affected Item, but not the Affected Item and the Parts itself.

    I assume you have following structure:

    --> a_CN_Affected_Item
      --> Affected Item
         --> affected_id  --> Part
         --> new_item_id --> Part

    If you reuse the regular "Affected Items" from Innovator, add an additional query to "Affected Item" and then an additional query to either get the Part connected to "affected_id" or "new_item_id".

    It should be enough to add the additional level for Affected Item and then use a advanced select attribute to get the Part level, like select="affected_id(item_number)"

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