Error when try to upload a file ARAS 12

When I try to upload a file in my Item Type, I receive the error Multiple Errors: DoPhysicalFiles - SendRequestToVaultServer: invalid_client -, it was working normally, but today start to show this issue.

Someone pass by this issue and can help me? Thanks a lot.

  • Have you changed anything regarding the vault server?

    If you haven´t touched anything, it´s maybe related to your network or even could be a hardware issue. Check if you can access the drive that store your vault data. If your vault drive is still accessible, try to reset IIS and the application pools. 

  • Tks for all, I found the route issue cause, in my case my certificates are out of date, and I fixed it by regenerating new certificates following the topic

  • Hi Helio,

    glad to hear you found this solution! I am pretty sure we will see your question multiple times this year! (you just had the bad luck to be the first affected person).

    Expired certificates where a huge topic two years ago. Cause at this time the typical I12 user used Innovator for two years.

    Now again 2 years have past, and the same certificates will expire again. I will also be affected in a few weeks, but luckily already have the topic in my maintenance plan.

    Be prepared for 2026 where people will ask the same question again! Grinning


    P.S. I will copy&paste my warning from the previous post (something that Aras should do, but I assume they enjoy the chaos this topic creates on a regular basis):

    IMPORTANT: For anyone who came across this post by accident: If you use the same Innovator 12+,14+ or Release 2023 instance for around 2 years, check the validity of your certificates. You might be affected by the topic of this post too.