How to use Visual Studio Code 2022 for Coding Methods

I am new to Aras development, and I'd like to use Visual Studio Code 2022 ("VS Code") for coding Innovator methods. I found the ArasVSMethodPlugin project on GitHub, and its change log indicates that support for VS Code 2022 was added in version 1.21. However, when I attempt to load the plugin using the .vsix file from the Aras Innovator Method Plugin on Open VSIX (which was updated 3 months ago), I get a message telling me that Code can't find a package.json file that its expecting. 

Details about the package.json file for a VS Code extension can be found on this Publishing Extensions page.

I was wondering if anyone else was using VS Code 2022 for coding methods and if they might have any additional information about how to get it working.

Thanks in advance for any/all assistance.

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