"Advanced" PDF Watermarking

Hello - We have a business need to apply the "release date" to watermarked documents. I know there is out of box watermarking functionality in Aras, and we have implemented that on a dev server. However, it does not appear to allow for what we are looking for regarding more advanced abilities. Is there a way to accomplish something like this via configuration, code, or a combination of both? Thanks, Bryan
  • I am working on a few watermark customizations by myself. It´s possible to make the watermark service more flexible via code. I already plyed around with the feature to solve some of following future use cases: - Print classification and user specific watermarks - Update Document Item after watermark print - custom trigger of watermark service Assigning dynamic content to the watermarks itself is not possible with the default version. I am also interested in this use case, but didn´t determine a potential solution yet. The current versions uses a static pdf to watermark the target pdf. A dynamic watermark would require, that the watermark overlay is created on runtime. I already tried more advanced PDF templates that contain dynamic content added programmatically by scripts I added in Adobe Acrobat Pro. But the scripts were eliminated after file upload. May lastest idea was to use an automatic generated tech doc as dynamic pdf overlay. But haven´t tried yet.
  • Hello dear, you can add watermarks to your PDF using another third-party software program that allows batch-adding of watermarks. I suggest you try Easepaint Watermark Expert Crack, which supports batch watermark addition/removal in images/videos/documents.

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