Upgrade from Version 12.0 SP9 to Community Edition | 2024 Release

Is there any documentation available for upgrading from Version 12.0 SP9  to Community Edition | 2024 Release ?


  • Switching from 12SP9 to 2024 requires a full data migration. So basically everything from your database needs to be transferred/converted to the new version. All your data, all your customizations. 
    Not even subscribers can directly upgrade by patch from 12SP9 to Release 31. There are simply far too much changes between I12 and I14 even if we ignore key features like the TOC editor, .NET Core changes or everything they did to the table structure itself.

    You have following options:
    1. If you have a subscription, ask Aras!
    2. If subscription is an option but you don´t have one yet, ask them too.
    3. If you´re are open minded enough for a more experimental approach, write me an in-mail

    Did you already had the change to test out the release?

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